A Big Thank You
On March 24th, a seminar was held for the employees of Top Dawg. The presenters were LifeBanc and the Cleveland Eye Bank. Chuck Heald, Director of Media and Community Affairs and an organ recipient were the speakers for LifeBanc. The organ recipient told us how a tragedy to one person allowed her to receive the gift of life. Chuck told us the alarming need for donors. If any company, group or organization would like more information, please contact Chuck Heald or Somier McLaughlin at LifeBanc, 216-752-5433 or visit www.lifebanc.org.

Tonya Sims, Lab Director, and Somier McLaughlin, Technical Director and Dee Beacham represented the Cleveland Eye Bank. Again, we were told of the shortage of donors. A DNA match is not needed for cornea replacement. You can become a donor when renewing your drivers license, or online, or by calling either of these organizations. If you want more information on the Cleveland Eye Bank, contact Tonya at 216-844-EYES (3937).

We encourage you to become better educated about these two organizations. Top Dawg and its employees wish to thank these groups and their representatives for a very inspiring and informative presentation.



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